Automatic Driving Lessons kettering

The easiest and quickest way of passing your driving test is to learn in an automatic car – there is no clutch, no biting point, no gear changes, no possibility of stalling, and on most hills –no rolling back !

The automatic gearbox does all the hard work while you concentrate on other important matters such as where you are going and the other traffic! Most people will find that learning to drive an automatic car means that they need to take fewer driving lessons and so the process of learning to drive becomes quicker from start of the lessons to passing the test. many people in Kettering have found that learning with Eezypass driving school in Kettering has been the ideal route to getting their driving licence.

You should be aware that if you pass the test in an automatic car you cannot drive a manual car but after you pass your driving test and build up some experience on the roads, you can always go back and have some more lessons and take a test in a manual vehicle. For some people this is the ideal process as it breaks the whole process down. Many people decide that, like drivers in other countries such as the United States, they have no interest in driving a car with manual gearbox and are quite happy to be limited to da manual car. With the increase in alternative technologies and electric vehicles, cars with automatic gearboxes are becoming more popular in the UK and sales of automatic cars are on the increase in the UK.